Chicago Law Partners, LLC is a boutique law firm focused primarily on representing trade associations, professional societies, foundations, other types of not-for-profit organizations, and business entities.

Not-for-profit organizations and other businesses face a multitude of unique challenges and need the advice of trusted, well-respected and knowledgeable legal advisors. That is our role. CLP's attorneys serve as general counsel to a broad range of international, national, state and local organizations. In addition, we represent a wide range of businesses in corporate and transactional matters.

We regularly provide counsel regarding potential antitrust liability, corporate organization and governance matters, tax issues, intellectual property questions, contract negotiations, employee relations, litigation, regulatory matters, and a host of other issues affecting clients' day-to-day operations.

Our clients see us as allies who care about their organizations and missions, and who provide the legal skill, proficiency and knowledge that they need − in a timely, efficient, and practical manner. We advise our clients on the full spectrum of legal issues that they may face, from the relatively straightforward to the extraordinarily complex.

We pride ourselves on being internal consensus builders and strong advocates for our clients. We have a well-deserved reputation for integrity and have earned the respect and trust not only of our clients, but also of the broader not-for-profit and business community.

We are exacting in our approach to clients' legal and business needs, yet approachable in our interactions with clients, colleagues and others. We are accessible and provide our clients with creative solutions, knowledgeable advice, and pragmatic guidance.


In May 2010, five attorneys joined forces to open Chicago Law Partners, LLC − a boutique law firm focused primarily on representing trade associations, professional societies, foundations, other types of not-for-profit organizations, and business entities.

CLP's attorneys are experienced in the full range of issues faced by our clients, including antitrust, corporate governance, intellectual property, publishing, business formation, environmental regulation, and tax, and we have a breadth and depth of substantive expertise in industries as varied as health care, manufacturing, retail, financial services, technology, and construction.

With well over 100 years' collective legal experience, CLP's attorneys have the ability to deliver optimized results for our clients.

At CLP, our individuality, creativity, knowledge, and experience are focused on helping our clients successfully and efficiently address and resolve their legal and business issues.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Chicago Law Partners, we believe that the best ideas arise from a staff that heralds from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We work to give a voice to all members of our team. We empower our CLP staff to bring their unique experiences and background to bear on our work and know that it’s critical to ensure we continue to serve our clients on a high level and in an impactful manner. As a firm, we are committed to hiring diverse candidates, communicating clearly around decision making to increase accountability, working collaboratively, and embracing everyone’s unique identities, abilities, and perspectives. The makeup of our entire CLP family reflects these commitments. 60% of our leadership is female, including our Chief Operating Office and Chief Financial Officer. Out of 11 full time employees, 64% are female and approximately 27% are minorities. However, we know that our work in this area is never done. We are committed to continue to learn, improve, and reflect on our actions, seek diverse employees and voices, and adjust and change our course as necessary.